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Graduation Requirements and Information

All graduate candidates for graduation must contact the MIAGE Program Manager to ensure graduation requirements have been met and then complete an Application for Graduate Degree with the Registrar's Office, Graduation Division. Deadlines for submission are listed below. Applications will not be accepted more than one year in advance, and late applications will delay graduation. Please read the information and instructions both on this page and on the Registrar's Office, Graduation Division page.

Deadlines for application are:

To graduate end of Spring Semester, submit graduation application by November 1.

To graduate end of Summer Semester, submit graduation application by February 1.

To graduate end of Fall Semester, submit graduation application by June 1.

*If a graduation deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, applications will be accepted without a fee through the next business day.

Failure to submit your application prior to the deadline will delay your graduation. Please complete your application form carefully.


  • Print the application
  • Complete the candidate information
  • Complete Degree Information
  • Enter information for semester/year of expected graduation (e.g. spring 2011)
  • Select "MS" for Degree Type
  • Write "International Affairs and Global Enterprise" in the Major line
  • Sign and Date the form
  • Submit to the Registrar's Office, Graduation Division, as requested and by the deadline on the form
  • Submit a copy to the program manager in the MIAGE Office within a week of the deadline

Clear up any "I" or "T" grades. Students with "I" or "T" grades will not be cleared for graduation by the Registrar's Office.

The Graduate School requires that a student be registered for at least three semester credit hours during the semester in which they plan to graduate. Please see the Graduate School policy for details.

All graduate students must adhere to the Graduate School's policies and procedures in order to graduate. The University will graduate students when all degree requirements are met and all grades are submitted. Diplomas are mailed at the end of the semester in which the work was completed and the appropriate paperwork has been processed. A diploma will be mailed within 90 days to the last address The University of Utah has for the student. If you would like to verify or change your address (and we strongly encourage you to do so), please go to secured student access of student information systems at or call the registrars office at 801-581-5808.

Critical Dates During Your Last Semester of MIAGE Studies

By the end of your last semester of MIAGE studies, or the semester you intend to graduate, you must have completed your:

  1. Major Research Paper/Project
  2. Final Exam or International Internship
  3. Language Requirement

(More details regarding these requirements can be found on our Degree Requirements page.)

Critical Deadlines

Each of these requirements must be complete by the date published by the Graduate School under Graduate Protocol. Failure to meet these deadlines may result in a delayed semester of graduation.

Plan for commencement and convocation exercises


The University of Utah commencement and convocation ceremonies are held annually at the conclusion of spring semester. Spring ceremonies are held the beginning of May for students who are degree candidates for summer, fall and spring. Commencement and convocation ceremonies are only held in the Spring. If a student is within a year of graduation they may walk in the convocation ceremony. To order graduation regalia, please contact the bookstore in January to find out when they will be processing orders. Their phone number is 801-581-6325. FYI: The MIAGE program is in the College of Social and Behavioral Science.

Commencement is held in the Jon M. Huntsman Center. In addition to general commencement, each college holds a convocation ceremony, where students are acknowledged individually by degree. Diplomas are mailed to graduates from the Office of the Registrar within three months of graduation.

Visit The University of Utah Commencement Ceremonies web site for more information.

Caps, gowns and other graduation regalia can be purchased from the University Bookstore during the Graduation Fair held spring semester. Expect to receive graduation information from the University Campus Store in March of your graduating year. Please note: Fall graduates will receive the information during the Spring semester following degree completion.

After graduation

Register with the Career Services Office if you have not already done so.

Access free helpful services such as career counseling, on-campus interviews, job postings, resume referrals, and internship application assistance.

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