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New Student Opportunities

We have exciting new opportunities for students to enhance their MIAGE experience. These opportunities provide avenues to get valuable practical experince, which will compliment your coursework and boost your resumé.

Study Abroad in Israel and Tonga


There are new Learning Abroad courses now available to you for graduate credit in Israel and Tonga, in addition to the courses that have been available in Community Development in Costa Rica and Social Entrepreneurship in Peru. New programs include Peace and Conflict (Israel) and Tongan Culture & Island Environment.Scholarships are available for all of these programs. The Learning Abroad Center can provide additional information on these and other other opportunities.

For other Learning Abroad options for MIAGE students, you may also check the Learning Abroad section on our MIAGE Course Descriptions page.

Power Practical is a student startup that sprung from research at the University of Utah.Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute

The Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute has many opportunities to learn how to develop business ideas and to get help developing them. This includes international business and international social entrepreneurship opportunities. There are also many scholarship opportunities available to work with the Lassonde Institute.

As MIAGE students your interdisciplinary training and international perspective enable you to contribute greatly to developing new technologies or in social entrepreneurship projects. Many Lassonde experiences continue on to job opportunties in the future.

MIAGE students have started up businesses while working and studying though the Foundry.

Sorenson Global Impact Investing Center

The mission and purposes of the James Lee Sorenson Global Impact Investing Center (SGII Center) are to accelerate and advance the understanding and application of principles of free enterprise to create scalable and sustainable, global societal change.

The SGII Center offers unparalleled learning opportunities for students to:

  • Work alongside leading impact investment funds, foundation and social enterprises to analyze investment opportunities in a variety of industries and regions.
  • Gain access to an extensive network and interact daily with industry-leading experts and social entrepreneurs throughout the world.
  • Find top jobs in exciting industries. Former UIF/SGII Center Interns have moved onto opportunities such as Bain & Company, Goldman Sachs Investment Banking, Capital One, PwC Consulting, and Cornerstone.
Last Updated: 9/2/20