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Lee Winkleman


Hometown: Duarte, California
Languages: English, Spanish, French
Semester: 4th
Favorite Courses: Policy Analysis (PADMN/POLS 6323) and Fundamentals of International Organizations (POLS 6630)
Interrest Area: Diplomatic Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution


Counterterrorism Simulation on KSL News at 10


Caleb Larkin, Chelsea Joliet, Deba Masterson, Mike Young, Morgan Shepherd and Tyson Todd represented MIAGE in the annual live-streamed event at the SJ Quinney College of Law. This year, the event was also covered by two professinal news teams.


Macote Ambrozio


The inauguration of the Macote Entrepreneur Center in Guinea-Bissau took place on May 30. The center was featured on Guinea-Bissau's national tv  station (TGB), and will help transform entrepreneurship training and opportunities in the country. 


News and Events

MIAGE Alumna Nicole Sherwood Promoted to Director of Grants and Operations for WTC Utah

Nicole Sherwood, MIAGE alumna and formally the Grants Manager for World Trade Center Utah, has been promoted to Director of Grants and Operations. The World Trade Center Utah leads Utah’s international business development and elevates Utah’s global status to promote prosperity and build economic resilience. In her new role, Nicole will take on new responsibilities such as formulating policies, objectives, and strategies to write grant proposals and streamline grantprograms and administer and ensure compliance of national resources such as the STEP Grant (SBA), Department of Commerce (DOC), and USAID. 

Congratulations and good luck!

Nicole Sherwood

MIAGE provides you the opportunity to learn from experts in the field

This Spring semester, MIAGE students have had the opportunity to learn the Fundamentals of Nuclear Policy by Henry Sokolski,  Executive Director of the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center (NPEC) and former Deputy for Nonproliferation Policy at the Pentagon. NPEC is a Washington-based nonprofit organization founded in 1994 to promote a better understanding of strategic weapons proliferation issues among policymakers, scholars, and the media. The course focuses on questions central to assessing the merits of any nation’s civil and military nuclear policies. Course topics include nuclear deterrence, nuclear energy and technology, the history of nuclear nonproliferation and arms control, energy economics, nuclear terrorism and intelligence, and future strategic weapons trends.

Intelligence and the Nuclear Proliferation Challange 

Henry SokolskiHenry Sokolski has has authored and edited a number of books on nuclear proliferation, including Underestimated: Our Not So Peaceful Nuclear Future, (2016); Best of Intentions: America's Campaign Against Strategic Weapons Proliferation (2001);Should We Let the Bomb Spread?, (Carlisle, PA: Strategic Studies Institute, 2016); and Moving Beyond Pretense: Nuclear Power and Nonproliferation, (2014). Most recently, Sokolski's article The Nuclear Proliferation Challenge: Improving the Role of Intelligence in Counterproliferation Policymaking was published as the cover story in the unclassified Studies in Intelligence, Journal of the American Intelligence Professional, Vol. 63, No. 1 (March 2019). The mission of Studies in Intelligence is to stimulate within the Intelligence Community the constructive discussion of important issues of the day, to expand knowledge of lessons learned from past experiences, to increase understanding of the history of the profession, and to provide readers with considered reviews of public media concerning intelligence. This publication is prepared primarily for the use of US government officials, and has the potential to impact policy developmet.

In his piece, Sokolski presents a report sponsored by NPEC that focused on the following broad questions: How can the role of intelligence in the making of nonproliferation policy be improved?; How can the nonproliferation agenda get the priority it deserves?; and how can the nonproliferation community be sustained and strengthened? To address these questions, Sokolski and NPEC engaed more than 50 senior, retired and serving policymakers, intelligence officers, and top academic national security analysts that helped develop new primary histories of eight nuclear proliferation cases: India, Pakistan, Israel, Taiwan, South Korea, Libya, and an Argentine and a separate South African nuclear rocket case. "The purpose of the case studies," he says, "was to identify when and how intelligence shaped or prompted nonproliferation policy actions and, if it did not, why."

Henry Sokolski currently teaches as an adjunct professor at The Institute of World Politics in Washington, D.C. And is a visiting professor at the Master of International Affairs and Global Enterprise program at the University of Utah. From 1989 to 1993, Sokolski served as the Deputy for Nonproliferation Policy in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, for which he received the Secretary of Defense's Medal for Outstanding Public Service. Prior to this, he worked in the Secretary of Defense's Office of Net Assessment on strategic weapons proliferation issues.

In addition to his Executive Branch service, Sokolski worked on the Hill from 1984 through 1988 as senior military legislative aide to Senate Armed Services Committee member Dan Quayle and from 1982 through 1983 as special assistant on nuclear energy matters to TVA Subcommittee Chairman Senator Gordon J. Humphrey. He also worked as a consultant on nuclear weapons proliferation issues to the Intelligence Community's National Intelligence Council; received a Congressional appointment to the Deutch Proliferation Commission, which completed its report in July 1999; served as a member of the Central Intelligence Agency's Senior Advisory Panel from 1995 to 1996; and was a member of the Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation and Terrorism, which operated until 2010. Sokolski has been a resident fellow at the National Institute for Public Policy, the Heritage Foundation, and the Hoover Institution. He also has taught political science courses at the University of ChicagoRosary CollegeGeorgetown, and Loyola University. Sokolski attended the University of Southern California and Pomona College and completed his graduate studies in political science at the University of Chicago.

You can read Henry Sokolski's piece The Nuclear Proliferation Challenge: Improving the Role of Intelligence in Counterproliferation Policymaking by following this link. 

MIAGE students Brock Mays and Chris Rigby have made it to the Fullbright semi-finals!

The Fulbright Program is the flagship international educational exchange program sponsored by the U.S. government and is designed to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries. The primary source of funding for the Fulbright Program is an annual appropriation made by the U.S. Congress to the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Participating governments, host institutions, corporations, and foundations in foreign countries and in the United States also provide direct and indirect support. Recipients of Fulbright grants are selected on the basis of academic or professional achievement, as well as demonstrated leadership potential in their fields. The Program operates in over 160 countries worldwide.

MIAGE semi-finalists

Brock Mays

Brock Mays

Brock is a second year MIAGE student and is a semi-finalist for a Fulbright Research award to Lithuania. Brock would like to examine the effects of Russian misinformation and disinformation on Lithuanian society and Russia’s campaign has negatively impacted trust in the national government.


Chris Rigby

Chris Rigby 

Chris is also a second year MIAGE student, and is a semi-finalist for a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant award to Kenya. He intends to implement programs in the classroom to help the students to effectively communicate in English.

Congratulations to them both!

International Person of the Year — David Utrilla 

David UtrillaPresented by Gov. Gary R. Herbert, the annual Utah Global Forum on Nov. 8, 2018, convened national experts, diplomats from Utah’s largest international trade markets and more than 400 Utah business leaders to discuss the opportunities and challenges for Utah to increase its global trade and investment. Now in its fifth year, the forum offers an innovative space for leaders and industry experts to come together and share their ideas to expand beyond local boundaries and excel in the global marketplace.

Member of the MIAGE Practicioner Board and founder and CEO of U.S. Translation Company, David Utrilla won "International Person of the Year" at the Fifth Annual Global Forum for his outstanding work as an outsatnding internationall business leader. Utrilla has previously been awarded multiple awards including Utah’s Best of State, listed six times in the Inc. 500/5000 for fastest growing companies in America, Mountain West Capital Network’s top 100 fastest growing companies in Utah, and the Small Business Person of the Year by the SBA. In 2014 he received the Weber State University Distinguished Alumnus Award, the 2015 Utah Valley University Atlas Award, the 2016 Quixote Award by the Utah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and the 2018 International Person of the Year Award by the World Trade Association of Utah.

You can read the whole article about the Fifth Annual Utah Global forum here

Most Recent MIAGE Foundations Class Featured Industry Experts and Ended with Top-Notch Student Presentations

Joe SabaWe are excited to announce the completion of another semester of the MIAGE course MIAGE 6800 “Foundations of International Affairs and Global Enterprise.” Erin Moore, a MIAGE alumna and co-teacher of the MIAGE Foundations class, shared “MIAGE's interdisciplinary curriculum is unquestionably one of the program's greatest strengths, but taking on so many new fields of study can also be intimidating. In the new Foundations class, our goal was to better prepare students for that breadth of study and help them see it as yes, a challenge, but also a tremendous opportunity for personal and professional growth.” Throughout the semester students studied subjects such as business, economics, political science, public administration, and law, in order to prepare them for the interdisciplinary approach of the MIAGE program.

Erika GeorgeExperts in each of these areas visited the class to share their knowledge. A few of these guest speakers included Eric Hutchings, Joe Saba, and Erika George. Representative Eric Hutchings, from the Utah State Legislature, visited the class and presented on career planning. Joe Saba, current Senior Advisor for the World Bank Conflict and Fragile States Practice and former U.S. diplomat in Iraq and Afghanistan, visited twice and discussed international business, international health, as well as the refugee crisis in the Middle East. Erika George, current Co-Director of the Center for Global Justice at the S.J. Quinney College of Law and former member of the Executive Committee of the U.S. Department of State Public-Private Partnership for Justice Reform in Afghanistan, visited the MIAGE Foundations class and discussed the importance of international law. Other visitors include Dr. Karin Fladmoe-Lindquist, Dr. Stephen Bannister, Dr. Eun Bin Chung, Dr. Steven Ott, Connie White, and Dr. Rebecca Utz.

In addition to these renowned guest speakers, the final presentation was a highlight of the semester. Students had the flexibility to share an IPE approach to subjects that were important to them. Some of the subjects that students presented on are listed below (all given with student permission):

"The War in Syria, Health Care's Worst Nightmare"

How the war in Syria has impacted Syria's and surrounding countries' health care systems

Suzanne Young

"What's Fishy About the TPP?"

The tuna fishery industry in American Samoa

Saolo Manumaleuga Utu

"How Singapore and Hong Kong approached encouraging entrepreneurship for growth"

Jordan Greene

"Exploring the Causes and Effects of Rape & Sexual Violence During Armed Conflict"

The political, social, economic, cultural, and legal factors that contributed to high levels of rape and sexual violence before, during, and after the armed conflicts in Rwanda, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Sierra Leone.

Emily Estheimer

"Sink or Swim in the Rising Tide"

An economic, political and social perspective on globalization

Morgan Shepherd

"Protecting the Unprotected: Honor Killings in Pakistan"

The cultural and political factors that lead to unfathomable numbers of honor killings in Pakistan; the international, political, legal, and NGO/INGO pressures that lead to the 2016 bill change to crack down on the practice; and what can be predicted for the future in Pakistan based on similar legal changes elsewhere.

Deba Masterson

Saolo described her experience in the MIAGE Foundations class, “It has been a rewarding opportunity to be able to analyze global issues while also integrating my interest in the pacific region--especially as many pacific island nations transition from localized, political, and social systems.” Other students felt the same way as they discussed and analyzed issues from an IPE perspective specific to their region of study. Regions represented included almost every continent.
Eric HutchingsErin further explained, “Capturing so much content in a single semester was a huge challenge, but I'm very pleased with what we accomplished together. I think that students came away with more confidence in their ability to be successful in different types of courses, as well as an increased understanding of the many cool things you can do with a MIAGE degree.” We are excited to share the great success of the MIAGE Foundations class and can’t wait to see what next year brings!

 December 2016


Lina Svedin, University of Utah's Director of Public Affairs Programs (MPA, MPP & MIAGE) and MIAGE elective professor, was honored to participate as a guest speaker for the recent World Trade Center Utah "Brexit Seminar." The seminar discussed the impact Brexit might have on Utah business and international trade. If you missed the event, you can listen to the recording here.  

June 2016


MIAGE's Interim Program Director, Steve Ott, Director of Public Affairs Programs, Lina Svedin, and Yanqi Tong, published an article that was featured in the PA Times. The article, titled, Learning MPA Core Competencies across Cultures: Insights from China and the United Arab Emirates, discusses how MPA knowledge can be shared and applied successfully across cultures. Read the article here

August 2016

Dylan Woodrow Finishes Successful Summer Internship with Camara Education

Dylan Woodrow by a Cliff in IrelandDylan Woodrow just finished up an incredible internship withCamara Education, a non-profit located in Dublin, Ireland. While at Camara, Dylan was part of a two-person team in the fundraising/development department. He managed fundraising communications with past and prospective donors and several aspects of Camara’s database software, plus he gathered volunteers and gave volunteer presentations. In addition, he had the opportunity to represent Camara at some local conferences.
Here is what Dylan shared about how some of his MIAGE classes prepared him for finding success in non-profit work:
MGT 6790 – International Management: “International Management proved useful when helping my coworkers in dealing with the challenges that come naturally with working in far-away countries whose cultures are very different from that of the country the organization is based in.”
PADMN 6550 – Nonprofits & NGOs:The lessons I learned from Nonprofits & NGOs came up very often . . . That class gave me a strong theoretical understanding of the management and operation of a nonprofit, which proved useful all the time at Camara. If I had to pick one thing from that class, though, it would be the importance of remaining sustainable in pursuing the mission of a nonprofit . . . While I was not managing Camara’s operations abroad, the understanding provided by these classes helped me work more effectively together with the parts of Camara that did manage those operations, and also was extremely useful when advocating Camara’s operations to volunteers and potential donors. Because of this, volunteers were more likely to return in the future, and donors could feel more secure in trusting Camara to use their funding effectively.”
Dylan just graduated from the MIAGE program in August. He shared this his favorite class while in the MIAGE program was either Middle East Law or Global Perspectives on Counterterrorism. Dylan plans to either continue work with non-profit organizations or go on to work with the government, especially the State Department. Congratulations, Dylan, on your great accomplishments in MIAGE!

Summer 2016

MIAGE Welcomes New Interim Director, Dr. Steve Ott

Steven Ott is Professor of Political Science/Public Administration and Director of the Institute of PublicDr. Steve Ott and International Affairs. He was Director of the Master of Public Administration (MPA) program from 1992 to 2000, Dean of the College of Social and Behavioral Science from 2000 to 2009, and has been Director of the Institute of Public and International affairs since 2004.

Internationally, Ott is leading the University of Utah's partnership program with Zayed University, a national university of the United Arab Emirates with campuses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in their creation and instruction of their Executive MPA program. He also has been a member of the U's leadership team on the partnership with Hainan Province China, including lecturing at Hainan University. In 2013, he chaired the site visit for Tsinghua University's (Beijing, PRC) application for accreditation of its MPA program by the U.S. accreditation body and is working toward accreditation of the National Institute for Development Administration's (Bangkok, Thailand) MPA program in 2015.

Click here for more information on Ott's research, publications, and education.

Summer 2016

Cory McClellan Finishes Successful Summer Internship with American Express

Picture of Cory McClellanWhether you are just beginning the MIAGE program or have been graduated for many years, there is something to be learned from Cory McClellan’s summer internship experience about how you can apply your MIAGE skills in real life business situations.
This summer, Cory helped head up a project moving many of the Canadian American Express centers and support teams to reside under the management of Victor Ingalls, Cory’s direct leader; Cory, who is graduating this month, works as a strategy assistant to Ingalls and was extensively involved in helping make this move an incredible success.
Below, are highlights on how Cory was able to stand out by applying his knowledge and skills from specific MIAGE classes to this project:
International Law (LAW 7910): “ . . . my course in international law was crucial to help decipher and understand the nuanced Canadian law surrounding regulations and requirements for French servicing. Using my knowledge of treaty law, I was able to ascertain that American Express would need to comply with Quebec’s laws mandating that all goods and services be in French. These laws also state that service in French must match the quality and availability of English servicing. Because we offer 24 hour English service, however, we had to also offer 24 hour French.”
Methods in Geographic Information Systems (GEOG 6140): “Extensive research was required to know where to look for French-Canadian speakers in the US. An important issue that we had to take into consideration was the fact that Parisian French is significantly different from Québecois French, to the point that Canadian French speakers are put off by receiving service in Parisian French . . . I was able to create detailed maps and visuals highlighting the exact areas in the US to market the French servicing job posting. Using these maps, I was able to estimate the average geographic incentive multiplier that would be used to determine base pay for the newly hired service representatives. This allowed me to accurately assess the cost vs benefit of hiring the representatives in the virtual US environment or in the brick-and-mortar Toronto environment.”
International Monetary Policy (ECON 6510): “I was able to understand the variables that cause exchange rates to fluctuate, and also to identify and offer solutions to the scenario at hand, such as looking into exchange rate futures to hedge against volatility. After accounting for the currency conversion rate, it was determined that hiring the representatives would cost less in Canada due to the strength of the US dollar relative to the Canadian dollar. The gap was so big the benefit of exiting the Canadian labor market could not be justified.”
International Management (MGT 6970): “I did some analysis between the US and Canadian working cultures using the Hofstede model . . . I found that for all intents and purposes, the working cultures were identical, which would ultimately make the transition more logistical than cultural . . . In the class taught by Prof. Lee Boam on international management, we learned that the best market with which to experiment or expand first is that which is closest to home. In the case of American Express, this advice has been proven correct . . . As we began to transfer knowledge and expertise to the Canadian market, their success in value generation rose accordingly.”
As Cory has demonstrated in his summer internship, MIAGE classes can help students meet the demands of a highly competitive and fast-paced international marketplace. We thank Cory for sharing his experience and wish him continued success as he progresses forward as a great asset to American Express.

Summer 2016

 Congratulations to our 2016 Spring and Summer Graduates!

2016 Graduates

L to R: Dylan Woodrow, Nicole Sherwood, Gloria Castenada, Erin Moore, and Anbes Tekie Not Pictured: Samuel Albornoz and Sofiya Mykhalska

April 2016

Dr. Rebecca Utz Receives Distinguished Mentor Award

utzDr. Utz, a MIAGE core faculty member, received the Graduate School's Distinguished Mentor Award for 2016. Dr. Utz teaches our core class Methods of Social Research. She summed up her mentoring philosophy upon receiving this prestigious award: "To me, being a mentor is synonymous with being a professor and is about fostering environments and opportunities for each student to reach his or her potential and to meet his or her goals." Congratulations, Dr. Utz! Read her bio.

April 2016

sam and son
Sam Albornoz Develops High Tech Soccer Ball with Inside Coach

Fourth semester MIAGE student Sam Albornoz is the Co-Founder and Business Developer for Inside Coach. His company develops smart technology embedded into soccer balls which tracks data including the force of impact, trajectory, and spin. Data is stored in an app which provides real time coaching cues to the player. His company recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to assist with their project development.


Media Coverage:,,

March 2016

Students Lynette Kimotho and Casey Adams Attend Governor's Holiday Party

First year studlynette caseyents Lynette Kimotho and Casey Adams had the unique opportunity to attend the Governor's annual holiday party, an exclusive event held at the Governor's Mansion and attended by many important state and national government officials. Pictured above L to R: Governor Gary Herbert, First Lady Jeanette Herbert, Lynette Kimotho, Casey Adams, Abby Cox, Lt. Governor Spencer Cox. 

December 2015



Distinguished Visitors



The University of Utah frequently hosts visiting scholars, government officials, and other notable guests. Here are a few of the recent highlights:

- His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet (2016)
- Carrie Hessler-Radelet, Director of the Peace Corps (2016)
- Wendy Davis, Former Senator of Texas (2016)
- Mitt Romney, Former Governor of Massachusetts and Repulican Presidential Nominee (2016)
- Justice Sonia Sotomayor, United States Supreme Court Justice (2015)
- Ambassador Husain Haqqani, Former US Ambassador to Pakistan, journalist, academic, and diplomat (2015)
- Nicholas KristoffNew York Times reporter, activist, and Pulitzer-Prize winning co-author of Half the Sky (2015)

Franz Kolb Visits MIAGE program

kolbFranz Kolb joined the MIAGE Foundations class for a special presentation on international networking. Franz currently serves as the Director of Diplomacy and International Protocol in the Governor's Office of Economic Development. He has worked with GOED for over nine years and is a well-respected expert in management consulting, entrepreneurship, networking, and expanding into foreign markets.

November 2015

Andrea Soleta Presents at Conference on the Muslim World

First semester MIAGE student Andrea Soleta traveled to Manila this month to present at the fourth annual Conference on the Muslim World. Andrea has worked as a senior researcher for AidData, a research lab that analyzes international development funding to maximize outcomes. Andrea delivered a very well-received presentation on AidData's geocoding of international aid. Congratulations, Andrea!

October 2015

 Dylan Woodrow Receives FLAS Award for Arabic


Fourth Semester student Dylan Woodrow has received a very prestigious scholarship known as "FLAS," or "Foreign Language Area Scholarship," for studying Arabic while at the University of Utah. Dylan is the third MIAGE student to receive a this impressive accolade which awards students studying less-commonly spoken languages. Though Dylan is already fluent in Mandarin Chinese, he decided to add Arabic to his repertoire to make himself a more marketable and globally-minded individual.

Fall 2015


Jordan Greene Wins Georgetown University Global Futures Essay Contest on Ending Extreme Povertyjordan

First semester student Jordan Greene was awarded first prize from Georgetown University for his essay on ending extreme poverty by 2030. Jordan's essay is available to read online and focuses on collaboration between governments, non-profits, and private enterprises to empower individuals and facilitate increases in human capital and human security. 
April 2015


Nicholas Kristof Visits University of Utah

New York Times reporter, activist, and Pulitzer-Prize winning co-author of Half the Sky visited the University of Utah to kick-off the 2015 Extreme Affordability Global Health Conference. Read more
April 2015


Carissa Bradley and Kirk Galster Receive Foreign Language Area Scholarships

FLAS has helped me immensely as I finish my graduate studies here at the U. It has allowed me to specialize in Brazilian/Latin American culture, economics, and the Portuguese language. These are opportunities I may have missed had it not been for the FLAS stipend and requirements. The prestige of the fellowship, courses, and language proficiency exams will also help me immensely as I seek post-graduation employment.     

~ Carissa Bradley, fourth semester MIAGE student

The FLAS has been instrumental in allowing me to continue my Arabic studies while finishing my masters. The FLAS program is top notch in that it requires that you to be tested and certified in the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages at the beginning and end of your coursework. This certification is recognized worldwide to verify language ability, and it gives you confidence in your language level.  I intend to use my Arabic to work in the nonprofit sector in international business development, such as microfinance. I also plan to develop my own foreign direct investment consulting service and impact investment fund. إن شاء الله (Inshallah, God Willing).  

~Kirk Galster, fourth semester MIAGE student

For information on applying for FLAS, visit this link for Asian languages and this link for Latin American languages.  

March 2015


MIAGE Students Join Study Abroad Trip to Cuba 

March 2015; Photo courtesy Gloria Castenada




Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor Visited the University of Utah earlier this year. Sotomayor discussed her childhood, career, and the burdens of sitting on the highest court in the land. Read more.

January 2015  



Alum Spotlight: Stella Booth, Owner and Designer of Peony by Stella

Stella Booth

Peony by StellaWith a background in importing and exporting good, MIAGE alumna Stella Booth began a bridal wholesale business and one year later joined the MIAGE program with the purpose "understand[ing] the big picture of world economics" and the environment in which international business operates.

Courses including International Management, Multinational Firms, China and the Global Economy, International Trade Policy, and Japanese Society have assisted the growth of her business.
Originally from China, Stella designs the dresses in Salt Lake City, manufactures them in China, and sells them in the US. She is currently researching expansion to niche markets in China, England, and Japan. 

Alum Spotlight: Casey Coombs, Freelance Journalist in Yemen

YEMEN’S STATE-SANCTIONED HUMAN TRAFFICKING EPIDEMIC.  Human Rights Watch documentary produced by MIAGE alumni, Casey Coombs.

MIAGE and Counter-Terrorism Simulation

7th Annual Counter-Terrorism Simulation

MIAGE and law students, of Professor Guiora’s Global Perspectives on Counterterrorism course, will work through real-time scenarios in the 7th Annual Counter-Terrorism Simulation, Friday, April 4th. The Simulation is designed to test each student's crisis management skills through realistic replication of current events. The course interspersed four mini simulations during the semester to develop skills relevant to the final main simulation.

Friday, 4 April 2014, 9am – 4pm

MIAGE students spent spring break in Peru and Costa Rica working on market-based alternatives to poverty and community-based efforts in international development.

MIAGE in Peru

Peru: Students participated in Professor Jay Barney's Entrepreneurship & Poverty course, in which they learn about previous attempts to alleviate poverty, the benefits and limitations associated with these efforts, and the potential market based alternatives to poverty.  These alternatives are all based on the assumption that poverty alleviation efforts must be consistent with the operation of competitive markets and include: Micro-finance and micro-enterprise, infrastructure development, establishing and maintaining property rights, and embedded entrepreneurial activities among the abject poor.

MIAGE in Costa Rica

Costa Rica: Central to Community Development in the Global South is the interdisciplinary and collaborative nature of community-based efforts in international development, specifically in rural areas in lesser-developed countries of the Global South. This challenging and exciting political science course introduces students to situations and topics that highlight international aid over the decades, fair trade agriculture; sustainable and ecological tourism; cooperative management;  conservation biology; and the role of community, sustainability, appropriate technology, scale and women in development.

MIAGE Alumn Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital MIAGE Alumni, Tara Kisow, Assists with Inauguration of Ghana's First Eye Hospital

MIAGE alumni, Tara Kisow, International Program Coordinator for the Moran Eye Center, assists with the inauguration of Ghana’s first eye hospital at the Komfo Anoke Teaching Hospital in Kumasi. Moran doctors have worked hard to train subspecialty eye surgeons through the international education program. The Minister of Health came to the inauguration to honor all of the contributors to the hospital - it was a great success!

Nepal Medical




Photo by MIAGE alumna Tara Kisow who traveled on a medical mission to Nepal in her role as International Program Coordinator with the Moran Eye Center.




MIAGE Open House

Prospective Students: Open House Tues, Oct. 29th

MIAGE is hosting an open house on Tuesday, October 29 in the University of Utah's OSH Building, room 214. This is a great opportunity for prospective students to learn more about the program as well as meet administration and professors. The doors open at 12:00 pm with pizza and cookies so feel free to stop by for a free lunch. General information will be presented immediately after and from approximately 12:20 - 12:45 you will get to hear directly from professors involved in the MIAGE program. Several current MIAGE students will also be in attendance to discuss their career paths as well as answer an other questions you may have.

Entrepreneurship and Poverty: Cusco, Peru. from Kyle Gray on Vimeo.

Take a look at MIAGE students in action working on a social entrepreneurship project in Peru!

Posted: 6 September 2013

Alaa Ameen - Honor Roll Scholarship


Congratulations to MIAGE student Alaa Ameen, recipient of a 2013 Don and Sue Lewon Scholarship.


Counter TerrorMIAGE Students Participate in S.J. Quinney School of Law, Counter-Terrorism Simulation

Congrats to Tyler Dunn, Matthew Woodin and Preston Nilsson for their hard work and participation in S.J. Quinney College of Law's 2012 Counter-terrorism Simulation. Information on the simulation can be found at


MIAGE Student, Austin Becker, tells of his internship with Utah's International Trade & Diplomacy Office

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Jacob Brinkerhoof

MIAGE Student, Jacob Brinkerhoff, was recognized as the Hinckley Institute of Politics intern of the week.

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Newly graduated MIAGE student, Kelli Swan, tells about her internship with the U.S. Foreign & Commercial Service

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casey coombs


MIAGE student, Casey Coombs, interviews Palestine's UN Ambassador Riyad Mansour.

His article, Fast-Track to a Palestinian State, can be read online at Real Clear World.

Casey also writes for the Diplomatic Courier. World Policy Blog, published by the World Policy Institute. 

MIAGE Alumni News:

MIAGE Alumni, Tara Kisow

MIAGE Alumni, Tara Kisow, has recently traveled to Peru to meet with President Ollanta Humala and other Peruvian officials.

Tara, who took a position with University of Utah's Moran Eye Center after graduation, is assisting with the expansion of the Moran Eye Center's international education and outreach programs which strive to eradicate curable blindness.

Posted: 19 August 2013

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