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Degree Requirements

A partial list of the courses students may take in the MIAGE program can be found here.

Eiffle towerThe Master of Science in International Affairs and Global Enterprise is a 39 credit degree program, (42 if the internship is required.) The curriculum is divided into seven core courses and six elective courses. It is designed to equip you with a deeper understanding of global business and the social, legal, political, cultural, and economic context within which it occurs.

The Foundations class prepares students for success throughout their program by introducing key concepts and theories from the major disciplines that make up the MIAGE curriculum. This course is only offered in the Fall semester, and it should be taken as early in the program as possible. 

The Capstone class is the culmination of the MIAGE degree. Students apply what they have learned throughout their program and prepare to enter the job market. They also complete a major research paper. This course is only taught in the Spring and should be taken during or close to the final semester. 

Required Core Courses (21 credits, 24 if internship required)

IAGE 6800 Foundations in International Affairs and Global Enterprise (3 credits)
MGT 6790
- International Management (3 credits)
SOC 6110 Methods of Social Research (3 credits)
ECON 6520 Multinational Firms: International Trade and Investment (3 credits)
POLS 6630 Foundations of International Organizations (3 credits)
LAW One course to be selected from the alternatives listed below under Elective Courses - Law (3 credits)
IAGE 6900 Capstone Seminar in International Affairs and Global Enterprise (3 credits)

IAGE 6910 International Affairs and Global Enterprise Internship (3 credits if required)

Elective Courses (18 credits)

Students are required to choose six elective courses. Students select courses from the David Eccles School of Business (DESB), the S.J. Quinney College of Law (SJQCL) and the College of Social and Behavioral Science (CSBS) for a minimum of 18 credit hours. No more than nine elective credits may be taken from any one department. Students are allowed to take one 5000 level course, preferably from Geography. Subject to approval, one elective (3 credits) may be substituted by another course from elsewhere on campus.

A list of the kinds of courses taught in our program is included here, though please note that it is not exhaustive. Every semester, new internationally-themed courses are being taught in the programs that comprise MIAGE. One month before registration, the MIAGE program manager posts the official MIAGE course schedule. View the latest schedule.

Major Research Paper/Project

MIAGE is a non thesis program; however, before graduating, students are required to submit a 25 page research paper on a international issues of their choice. Most students will complete this paper as part of their Capstone course (IAGE 6900). Students are strongly encouraged to expand on a paper they've written earlier in the program. Ideally the paper should address a business, management, or legal topic explored from a socio-cultural or political economy context and drawing from different disciplines. 

Depending on the framework of your research question, one or two areas of knowledge will likely, and appropriately, receive more emphasis than the others--but do not exclude the others entirely. For example, if a student chooses to explore the management challenges attendant to employing foreign nationals, she would do well to explore the cultural challenges these individuals are likely to experience. Certainly, there are legal challenges that fit into this equation as well.

Students are also invited to put their creativity to work by developing and submitting proposals for applied projects that benefit an existing international nonprofit organization or business. These hands-on projects can be performed independently or in connection with an internship. A written report must be submitted after the project is complete.

Major Research Paper Guidelines

International Internship

An international focused internship is required for students with less than 6 months of professional experience at the beginning of the program. Students who must complete the internship should register for 3 credits of PUBPL 6920: IAGE Internship or 3 credits of HNKLY. The internship should be an estimated 300 hours total, or 20 hours/week for a semester, but can be project based.

Internship Waivers
Students who believe they have meet the internship waiver requirements should email a waiver request to the Director, Dr. Bannister, and cc the Program Manager, Beth Henke, by October 1st of their first year. Requests should include an updated resume and a one-page description of prior international work experience. Students must demonstrate admin-level experience in an international organization.
Internship as Elective
If a student receives an internship waiver, they are welcome and encouraged to do an internship for elective credit.
Finding an Internship
Students find meaningful internships in a number of ways.

Find global, national and local internships through the Hinckley Institute. Hinckley interviews applicants and matches them to world-class internship experiences. Students working through Hinckley MUST register for HNKLY credits. Only 3 credits can be counted as one elective. Students earn one elective for one experience.

Work with our Career Coach, Carmen Gold, in the Career & Professional Development Center.

Connect with an alum or employer to create your own internship.

Internships found through any means other than Hinckley can be done for credit or not for credit, paid or unpaid. To earn elective credit, register for 3 credits of PUBPL 6920.

Language Requirement

MIAGE students are required to test at a second year equivalency in a foreign language. The test can be taken at a university, or at another institution pending prior approval from the MIAGE program manager.

Sample Curriculum

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