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MIAGE Sample Course Schedule

The following sample MIAGE course schedule is based on completing course work in three semesters over an 2 year time frame. This is only a sample as some students may complete courses over three or four years. Since courses are taken from different departments, course offerings may vary. For example, some courses are offered once a year and others may be offered every other year depending on department schedules and student demand.

Fall Semester (9 Credits) Course Number Course Title


IAGE 6800

Foundations in International Affairs and Global Enterprise


MGT 6790

International Management


PADMN 6550

Nonprofit & NGOs

Spring Semester (9 Credits)    


ECON 6560

Gender, Economic Development, and Globalization


LAW 7910

International Law


POLS 6630

Found. of International Organizations

Summer Semester (3-6 Credits)    


ECON 6520

Multinational Firms

Core (Elective if not required)

IAGE 6910

International Affairs and Global Enterprise Internship

Fall Semester (9 Credits)    


PADMN 6289

Research Design for Public Admnistrators


LAW 7010

Mediation and Adv. Negotiation Law


STRAT 6760

Profiles of Leadership

Spring Semester (9 Credits)    


IAGE 6900

Capstone Seminar in International Affairs and Global Enterprise


LAW 7789

Global Perspectives on Counterterrorism


GEOG 6140

Methods in Geographic Information Systems

Note: MGT 6790, ECON 6520, POLS 6630, PADMN 6289, IAGE 6800, IAGE 6900, and a Law Course are required courses. IAGE 6910 is required for students who do not have work experience with an international organization. Besides these, students may take courses in any sequence as suits their interest, taking into account that most courses will be offered only once a year.

Last Updated: 7/7/20