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Admissions Overview

MIAGE Prospective StudentsThe MIAGE admissions committee seeks a diverse pool of applicants who aspire to learn, practice and interact in a supportive, yet rigorous graduate program designed to help you achieve. We admit MIAGE students representing a variety of undergraduate majors including business and the social sciences. We also admit students with diverse professional backgrounds, including those who work in business, for government, in NGOs, and those coming directly from their undergraduate studies.

The MIAGE admissions committee carefully reviews an applicant's combined academic and professional background. The committee will evaluate each application individually and will consider:

Academic background including undergraduate transcripts, academic recommendations, and performance on the graduate school entrance exam of choice. Professional experience including work experience, internships, professional recommendations, and volunteer and community service activities. Completion of the program pre-requisites: introductory statistics, microeconomics and macroeconomics (with a "B" or better grade). Evaluation of the content of your letter of intent (or personal statement). The admissions committee will also use this document to assess your writing skills.


Graduate School Information for International Admissions

Graduate School Information for Domestic Admissions

Frequently Asked Questions (pdf)


Undergraduate GPA of a minimum 3.0.

If the undergraduate GPA is not at or above 3.0, please address this in your letter of intent.

Official GRE, GMAT or LSAT score

The MIAGE program accepts the GRE, GMAT or LSAT test scores for admission. It is recommended that the test be taken well in advance so the scores will arrive for admission consideration well in advance of the deadlines. There is no minimum entrance exam score, though MIAGE looks for applicants who rank within the upper 50th percentile on the exam on their respective exams. The University of Utah provides testing services for graduate entrance exams; please contact the University Testing Center at for more information.

Applicants must submit official scores from the GRE to:
U-code is 4853
Department / Program - select International Affairs or Undecided; any scores sent to the University are entered into our PeopleSoft system and are viewable by us

For the GMAT
U-code is 4853
Please note: GMAT scores are sent to the business school. Students must contact the business school and have the scores sent to the MIAGE office.

For the LSAT

U-code is 4853.

Required Prerequisites

Entering students must complete the following courses at the university level with a grade of "B" or better before beginning (not before applying to) the MIAGE Program:

  • Undergraduate Statistics
  • Microeconomic Theory
  • Macroeconomic Theory

Official transcripts with the grades for the prerequisite courses must be received by us before the first day of the semester you have applied for admission.


Students in the MIAGE program must accomplish second-year language competencyof a second international language beyond English prior to completion of the program.

International Students - TOEFL Score

We require a TOEFL score of 100 or higher for the internet-based test or 600 or higher for the paper-based test, or a 7 on the IELTS.

Interested in graduate school, but need additional English skills to be prepared?  Check out University of Utah's Foundations: Graduate School Preparation for International Students.


Last Updated: 10/6/17