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Financial Aid

Finance your education! There are many different ways that students can finance their Master of Science in International Affairs and Global Enterprise degree. Check out the resources on this page to help you find the best option to finance your education.

Featured Financial Aid

The Master of Science in International Affairs and Global Enterprise offers exclusive financial aid opportunities to its students in the form of scholarships and a graduate assistantship. All MIAGE students, both new and current, are eligible to apply for these financial aid opportunities.


Reporting Outside Funding

Tuition benefits are managed through the MIAGE program, even if the assistantship or fellowship is funded by another area of the college or division. Students with a graduate research assistantship (GRA/GA), teaching assistantship (TA), or graduate fellow (GF) from other departments will need the MIAGE program manager to seek approval from the Graduate School for students earning benefit outside of their academic department.

For students earning their tuition benefit support from another area, please complete this form and submit to MIAGE program manager.

Tuition Benefit Notification Form


Foreign Language and Area Studies Scholarship (FLAS)

MIAGE students interested in foreign language and area studies are encouraged to apply for a FLAS scholarship. The application deadline is typically in January, so new students should apply to MIAGE well in advance if they will apply.

Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships are federally funded awards offered through the University of Utah's Asia Center. They provide funding for undergraduate and graduate students who study modern foreign languages and related area studies.

Graduate-level courses taken through the FLAS scholarship may count towards elective requirements and the foreign language certificate, pending the program manager's approval.


Additional Resources

Graduate Assistantships

Many departments at the University of Utah offer graduate assistantships. MIAGE students are encouraged to research and apply for available opportunities. Many assistantships can be located by searching for "graduate assistant" in the University of Utah's employment database.

Employment Database

Grants and Loans

MIAGE students commonly use grants and loans to help finance their degree. Use the link below to access more information about eligibility and applications.

Grants and Loans


Explore the University of Utah's Financial Aid Database to find more great options to help you fund your studies!


Last Updated: 3/8/24