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Internship Requirements

A compensated, international-focused internship is required for students who will have less than 6 months of internationally-related professional experience by the time that they complete the program. Students who must complete the internship should register for 3 credits of PUBPL 6920: IAGE Internship or 3 credits through the Hinckley Institute. The internship should be an estimated 300 hours total, or 20 hours/week for a semester, but can be project-based. It should offer some sort of compensation.

Internships must be approved by the MIAGE Program Manager or Director before beginning. The primary qualification of the internship is that it fulfills one or more of the MIAGE core competencies. Internships may be local, national, or international. Internships can range in the duration (or length of internship) and hours worked per week. If you have internship ideas or would like to brainstorm possible internship routes, please contact the MIAGE Program Manager to set up a meeting to discuss these options.

internship waiver request form

The Value of an Internship

Internships provide MIAGE students with real-world experience in relevant internationally related capacities. 

  1. Build your resume
  2. Apply coursework to real-world situations
  3. Network with leaders in your industry
  4. Gain invaluable profession experience
  5. Jumpstart your post-MIAGE career

Planning your Internship

MIAGE students should start planning for their internship as early as possible. 

Your internship should meet the following criteria:

  1. It relates to your intended career goal(s),
  2. It is a responsible position with professional supervision
  3. It provides master's-level learning experiences.

University Internship Resources

Last Updated: 9/7/22