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Choosing your course schedule and registering for classes is an important aspect of each semester. Due to limited class sizes, students in the Master of Science in International Affairs and Global Enterprise (MIAGE) program are strongly encouraged to plan their schedules well in advance of their registration date.

MIAGE students can register for classes from a large number of departments. The registration process varies for courses offered through the David Eccles School of Business, the S.J. Quinney College of Law, and the Department of World Languages. Check out the following guides to help you successfully register for the classes that you want to take!

Special Registration Processes

Business School Registration Guide

To register for a course offered through the David Eccles School of Business, students should do the following:

  1. After receiving the instructor's approval, there are several possible ways for the registration to proceed:
  2. Reach out to the instructor to introduce yourself and discuss whether you would be a good fit for the class.
  3. Select desired courses in the course catalog for the relevant semester.
    • The instructor will provide an access code.
    • If the instructor does not have an access code, you will need to contact the department advisor listed in the course catalog to request a registration code.
    • Select courses have a waitlist form that you must fill out. You can access this form through the course catalog or contact the department advisor listed in the course catalog for assistance.
    • In some cases, the department may be able to register you directly
  4. Register for the class in CIS

*Students who want to register for the core requirement course: MGT 6790 International Management should contact the MIAGE program manager to be added directly to the course.*

Law School Registration Guide

LAW 7270 in the FALL semester is recommended to fulfill the law core requirement, but MIAGE students may select a different course if it aligns with their academic goals. Instructor permission is required prior to submitting the law school's registration form.

  1. Find the law course you want to take in the catalog.
  2. Contact the instructor to request permission to attend the course. If you want to take a class other than 7270, please contact the MIAGE program manager for approval before registering.
  3. After you submit the registration form, you will need to wait for the open enrollment date. At that time, the law registrar will send you the registration access code, if approved. Only law students can register for a course before the open enrollment date.

MIAGE and the S.J. Quinney College of Law have an agreement which provides MIAGE students with law classes at the base graduate rate plus the law differential instead of the higher law school tuition rate plus differential. To participate, email the program manager prior to the start of your law class. 

World Languages Registration Guide

MIAGE students have the option to study a foreign language in addition to their graduate courses. First and second-year language courses do not count as elective credits, and they will not affect your program GPA.

To register for a language course:

  1. Look through the course catalogs for a language class you would like to take.
  2. After you have selected a class, email the World Languages (WL) graduate advisor and request to have a 7300 course number opened for you. This course will be cross-listed with the undergraduate course you will attend. Courses will be opened per request and will be permission coded so that other graduate students do not register for 7300 numbers that are not for them.
  3. After you receive the permission code, register for ONE credit under course number 7300, as instructed by the language department.


Registration Resources

Last Updated: 8/17/22